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The Last Link is about the external and internal spiritual journey of Ann Fletcher.


The external element is about battling the evil forces around us and not letting them overpower us.

The internal element is about the struggle of the soul towards self-development leading up to Nirvana or liberation of any person starting from zero and ending with self-realization.


The story is narrated as an adventure fantasy revolving around the life of a UT Dallas student, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. 


While in college, Ann meets a group of young enthusiasts of her own age, who show her that it is possible to live a happier and more peaceful life with the aid of spirituality. They tell her that she’s part of a chain of The Five Elements, as she has the qualities of Elemental Earth and therefore forms the last link to their chain. She is taught about self-realization and the existence of a single omnipresent Lord from Greek mythology. She majorly learns her meditation techniques in accordance with the Chakra meditation philosophy of Sanatana Dharma.


A parallel story runs in the book where the Five Vices are slowly building upon their strengths for destroying people.

Whilst continuing on her path towards the infinite, the loss of a loved one rattles Ann and sends her spiralling downward. But she manages to overcome that with the help of her friends and battles the anti forces, the Epidromeas. They are  also a group of five people but each one of them has the qualities of the Five Vices and uses them to control and torture people for personal satisfaction. To fight the malice of these Five Vices, she must learn to channel the powers inside and those of the Earth. 


They threaten to destroy parts of the city she lives in, as they bear a personal grudge to one of the Elements and would do anything to satisfy their ego. A fight ensues leading to the final thrilling climax.

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