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Researching and Writing


I'm a Mechanical Engineer and a Chemistry postgrad. 
However, I've been writing for 14 years now. I started at the age of 11 and I've published two books. My first, Murder for Passion, being published at the age of 13. 

I'm the national record holder in India for being the "Youngest Published Author" due to the publication of Murder for Passion. 

I write because I love it and I am a reading addict. In my spare time, I paint and read as much as I can. 
My speech on women empowerment was awarded by the Police Commissioner of Faridabad. I have also been handling the compéring department for most college level fests and shows right since my very first year. 
Apart from these things, I also frequently participated in cultural activities and has also been on her university’s merit list for most part of my engineering course. I have given seminars at Satyug Darshan Technical Campus, Imperial College London and University College London on Da Vinci's machines and Physics in Hinduism. I have an intense love for physics and math in addition to my deep interest in spirituality and has tried to reflect such a union of interests through the book, The Last Link.

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