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You hold power if you can say no

Or so she was told.

Devoid of expectations,

She grew up.

Learning to put others before herself.

Training to not say the magic word.


Parents, friends, siblings,

They all said the same thing

Others before you.

You’re a lady.

But, along came a feminist and said,


We’re all equal.

So she agreed.

The word worked its magic.

So she trusted.

She opened up.

She let go of inhibition.

What nobody taught her

Was that her No wouldn’t be heard at times

That it could be trampled over by the sexual predator.

The “close friend” who found her sadness enticing,

The friend who rejected the no and ruthlessly went on.

In effect, teaching her,

At times

You don’t have the power if you can say no.

Because that power is easily trampled over.

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